Monday, June 04, 2012

Family History through the alphabet challenge: B for Books

This week’s Family History through the alphabet challenge is B for books! Family History researchers should continually search for books available to help them through out their family history research journey. The local public library is an excellent place to start. Search the online catalogue for subjects of interest – or simply type in “genealogy” as a keyword and browse the search results list. Holds can be placed then and there for pick up at your local library. Alternatively when visiting the library, browse the very general 929.9 dewey classification on the non fiction shelves. There might be something of interest ready to be borrowed immediately.

Family History
Books may include “how to” guides such as Family History Or books to help you date an historical photographs such as How to Get the Most from Family Pictures How to Get the Most from Family Pictures.

Look for local history titles that may mention your ancestors name or at least provide some information about where they lived such as Pioneers & Painters

Perhaps you might like to look for books outside the public library. New and used bookstores will always have something to offer family history researchers, including online stores. If you are looking for a book online, consider searching by the ISBN (International Standard Book number) if you know it – usually found above the barcode on the back of the book. The Rare Book search engine is also a good resource Check this link out for Free Books online

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