Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Apps for Family and Local History

Smart phones and other devices such as IPads are becoming more common place in our community.  More and more Apps or applications are being developed for use on these devices.  I have an android phone and are slowly becoming familiar with some interesting apps out there.
So what would be of interest to Local and Family History researchers?  A search on Quixey – the searchengine for apps  using the terms Australia and History came up with a couple of interesting apps including: -

Australian short walks (east coast)  
Others of interest include:
Terrific – plug in a location and a list of heritage trees with info and picture come up.  Great for local history and travellers interested in history
The Sounds of the Buildings – Architecture of Melbourne read more on The Age website
My Story - Based around Melbourne’s laneways -  an author reads you a unique story set in the very place that you're standing.
RestingSpot connects the memories of loved ones who have passed with their final location on earth. People can photograph a headstone from a headstone with their phone and upload to the website.  A terrific resource for family historians.  No Australian content yet
In a similar vein
 aims to be the largest repository of headstone records, images, and locations in the world. This will give family historians access to previously undocumented information that can further their genealogical research. The site is built with these researchers in mind, and its structure is inherently collaborative. The first step in the BillionGraves process is to have iPhone users download the BillionGraves camera app and take it with them to local cemeteries. Snap quick pictures of the cemetery’s headstones, and the app uploads the photos to BillionGraves.com. The photos are tagged using the iPhone’s location services so the exact location of each grave is recorded.
Allows you to easily build a family history made up of pictures, videos, and text
 Tagwhat tells great stories about the places around you. All you have to do is look through your mobile like a window. With Tagwhat, stories pop up as “tags” right on top of their actual locations in real life. Turn around and watch as stories update based on where you’re looking! With a range of channels from movies to sports, music to history, Tagwhat is a world of originally produced and curated videos, photos, and audio to enjoy against the backdrop of your real life. Remember your experiences by collecting digital postcards that you can personalize and save in Tagwhat or share with friends. 

Have you used any of these apps?  Do you know of other apps suitable for Australian local and family history researchers?

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