Monday, May 09, 2011

Fawkner Memorial Park Indexing Project

The Genealogical Society of Victoria is undertaking a project to index all names appearing on the memorials at the Fawkner Memorial Park. Fawkner Park, established in 1906 and now part of the Greater MetropolitanCemeteries Trust, is one of the larger cemetery/crematorium complexes in Melbourne with approximately 7000 ceremonies per annum.

The Project will build on the work commenced by the late Tony Miller who transcribed the memorials in numerous sections of the cemetery. The project aims to photograph all memorials and use those images as the basis for the index. The resultant database will link each indexed name to the relevant image.

The Project has encountered, to date, about 100 memorials that contain names and other information in the Cyrillic script, predominately in the Roman Catholic compartments. No attempt asyet has been made to photograph the Ukrainian Catholic or the Greek or other compartments where presumably extensive numbers of memorials containing Cyrillic script reside.

Volunteers are needed in helping to translate the few Cyrillic script memorials encountered so far. The images would be supplied on a USB stick with a spreadsheet that required entry of basic details such as names and dates. The object of the Project is to create an index of names and not a transcription of the whole memorial.

Anyone interested in volunteering or obtaining further information should contact David Down on 9725 7131 or by email to

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