Thursday, April 28, 2011

Australian Family Tree Connections

AFTC May has arrived. Articles of interest

Beatrice Ada Court by Yvonne Graham
Amy Gay (nee Smith/Dutton or Bunt) by Sharon Lowry
Mother’s Bank girls by Janet Peters
Identifying my Cohen family in a photo by Kaye Moss
Who did Edward Imlay Aiken marry? By John Maddison
Catherine (Beaton) Buchanan by John Beaton
Mary Ann Cunningham by Helen Cleak
Bitten by the bug by Kaye Bowden
Mary Burns or Byrnes by Rowena Summers
Ancestors down under(ground) by Jenny Little
The East Perth Cemeteries Project by Lorraine Clarke and Cherie Strickland
Looking for Mining Ancestors Part 6 by Shauna Hicks (Copper mining and influx of Cornish miners to South Australia)
Remembrance Cards by Leonie Pinch
Surname Register

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