Thursday, December 16, 2010

YPRL's new website

Yarra Plenty Regional Library are very pleased to announce the launch of their brand new website – still at

Discover a whole new way of interacting with the library online.

Yarra Plenty now has one of the most cutting-edge library websites anywhere and is the first in the world to deploy this kind of online library with integrated website and discovery layer.

What makes it so innovative is that it incorporates a discovery layer that sits over the library management system and interacts seamlessly with the website.

It has transformed our library catalogue into a social place where you can add your own ratings, reviews and build your own lists to share with others. It also has much better search capabilities, more “google like”.

You might like to refer to the welcome message

One of the advantages of the new website is that our blogs will now be integrated into this website.

The Genealogy Blog, along with the genealogy and other library blogs can be found here

Or go to the tab – About – News – Follow Us
And/or tab - Research - Genealogy

Until we can get the RSS feed organised I will maintain this Blogger blog as well

If you are a library member I encourage you to sign on, have a play and make it your own! We welcome your feedback and tell us what you think of it.

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