Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Recently arrived Genealogy mags

The Following magazines have arrived for your genealogy reading pleasure:

Australian Family Tree Connections : December 2010

Articles include:

The Mysterious heirloom

Ernst Carl Julius Friedrich Rosenthal

Antiques, heirlooms and keepsakes

Mary (Randall) Brown

Avoca, Victora

Bernard McCann

Elizabeth (Marshall) Spalding

40 things to ask your Mum

Robert Findlay

Christmas at the Front 1917

PEP Batteries Ball 1945

Cummings Family of Middlesex

Albert Flynn's 1940s dinner

Getting Started - Looking for Mining Ancestors Part 1

Who Do You Think You Are? - December 2010

Feature articles include:

WW1's unsung heroes

The High Street

A Life without work

War Cemeteries

Georgian Spinsters

Research advice articles include:


DNA Testing

Create a Slideshow

Maps, plans and surveys

Settlement records

In Edwardian Times

Check out the Magazine website including the Forum

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