Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Surfing for your ancestors

Surfing for your Ancestors
Ivanhoe Library
Thursday 21 August 2008
10.30 - 11.30 am
Tips on using the internet for family history research

Genealogy’s current popularity owes much to the advent of the Internet. Information about our ancestors can be more accessible. The web has not only brought us the information but it has indexed it. What used to involve a lot of time and bother and expense can now be found within seconds sometimes. In essence it has certainly made light of a task that used to be difficult.

This session will briefly look at Search Engines - Databases – Online blogs or newsletters – Gateway sites – Newsgroups – Message boards and mailing lists – Useful Australian and international websites including newspapers and sites for military research.

For tips on how to use Google in your research check the following websites for tips and tricks:

Easy Google Genealogy Searcher

Free Genealogy Search help for Google
Google genealogy style
Using Google to find common surnames in genealogy search

Genealogy search in a foreign language: using foreign language search engines to locate your ancestors

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