Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Research the Central Goldfeilds

Family History month for the month of August is winding down on a high as YPRL welcomes Joan Hunt of the Ballarat Genealogical Society to Diamond Valley Library

Wednesday 27 August

1.30 pm - 2.30 pm

Joan will discuss the resources available for researching ancestors who lived and worked on the goldfields of central Victoria from the 1850s until World War 1.

Some recommended resources for family history researchers include:

History of Ballarat by W.B. Withers (facsimile 1980)
The History of Gold Discovery in Victoria by James Flett (reprint 2001)
Lost and Almost Forgotten Towns of Colonial Victoria" by Angus B. Watson (2003)
Pastoral Pioneers of Port Phillip by Billis & Kenyon (2nd edit. 1974)
Gold at Ballarat by Stackpoole (1971)
The Story of Browns and Scarsdale by Scarsdale Old Boys Reunion (1912)

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