Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Medical family history

Have you researched your medical family history? For some, it is a reason to start the genealogy quest in the first place. A number of resources are available to make this task easy.


Tracing your family history: are you at risk?
An article from About Genealogy outlining what is family medical history, why it is important, how it is used, what should be included, how it should be documented and more.

Family Medical history and tools resources online
Links to a number of useful websites

My Family Health Report
This web site allows you to create a personalized family health history report from any computer with an Internet connection and an up-to-date Web browser. Information you provide creates a drawing of your family tree and a chart of your family health history. Both the chart and the drawing can be printed and shared with your family members or your healthcare professional. Used in consultation with your healthcare professional, your family health history can help you review your family's health history and develop disease prevention strategies that are right for you.

Family medical History chart
A chart to print out and fill out for your records.

Cyndislist: medical and medicine
Genealogy starting point online for many links.


Relatively speaking : the family tree way to better health by Chris Reading

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