Monday, July 14, 2008

Ask before it's too late

As family historians we know the value of interviewing elderly family relatives - no matter how distant. Even elderly friends of the family can have a wealth of information and wonderful memories.

Oral History –
· is a picture of the past in people’s own words
· does not claim to be the last word, but sometimes it is the only word
· requires basic recording equipment and a suitable, comfortable venue
· is assisted by memory triggers, eg, photos, books, toys, memorabilia
· is influenced by the events in people’s lives since the time being studied
· succeeds best with least interference from a sensitive, sympathetic interviewer

Family History Fest continues this week at Diamond Valley library with Beryl O'Gorman who will outline the importance of oral history, methods and equipment recommended. She will also recommend other useful resources.

Ask before it's too late: an introduction to Oral History will be held at Diamond Valley library, Civic Drive, Greensborough at this Wednesday July 16 at 1.30 pm.

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