Monday, December 15, 2014

Genealogy Software

One of the keys to successfully researching family history is to stay organised.  In the beginning a lot of information can be fairly easily gathered in a short time.  Blank family group sheets are a terrific first step to document each family, but soon you will be looking for something better.  Consider then a software program.  A number of options are available. Victorian GUM (Genealogists using microcomputers) are a special interest group of the Genealogical Society of Victoria who provide advice and sales of the most popular software programs.  These include Family Tree Maker which is owned by and compatible with, so particularly handy if you wish to also maintain a separate online tree.   Legacy Family Tree is available as a free download, after which a deluxe version is available for purchase.  For more information about genealogy software programs visit the Genealogy software guide.

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