Thursday, May 22, 2014

Vandemonians in Victoria

Professor Janet McCalman will be the guest speaker at the next meeting of the Heidelberg Historical Society.  
Her talk is on The Vandemonians in Victoria: a hidden history.
Around 30,000 former and escaping convicts made their way to Victoria during the 1840s and 1850s.
Many were gold seekers who returned to Tasmania, others moved on.  But many stayed and played their part in Victoria’s colonial history.  What were they really like?  What happened to them and where did they settle?
The talk will report on the 7 years of work of the Founders & Survivor’s  project that has been reconstructing the life stories of the convicts transported to VanDiemen’s land between 1812 and 1853
Janet McCalman is the author of three award-winning social histories of Melbourne people: StruggletownStruggletownJourneyings: the biography of a middle-class generation (1993) and Sex and suffering: women’s health and a women’s hospital, 1856-1996 (1998).
She is a Professor in the Centre for Health and Society at the University of Melbourne and for  8 years wrote an opinion column in The Age.
The talk will be held at the Uniting Church Community Centre, Seddon Street, Ivanhoe at 8 pm on Tuesday 10th June.  All welcome. 

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