Monday, January 07, 2013

Registering Surname interests

January is a good time to reignite your family history.  Make 2013 the year to break down your genealogy brick walls. There are many opportunities to promote your subject interest or search for others with common interests.
Some sites include:

You can create accounts and profiles on sites such as
GenealogyWise  and GooglePlusYou can register names on Rootswebmailing Lists

You may like to set up a blog.  There are many family history researchers doing just that.  Check out the Genealogy Blog roll  for some inspiration. Have you registered your names on your Facebook account?  

Enquiries with newspapers still yield results.  As far as I know the following newspapers still feature “Can you help” columns
Western Australia News
Sydney Morning Herald
Daily Telegraph (Sydney)
The Sunday Herald Sun (Melbourne) offer paid classifieds. 
A subscription to Australian Family Tree Connections also allows the subscriber to register 15 names annually, a similar arrangement for the Genealogical Society of Victoria and their journal “Ancestor”.

I am sure there are many other ways to share your surname interests.  Please leave a comment.

Yarra Plenty Regional Library will continue to provide resources and programs for the family history researcher in 2013.  Family History Fest will re-commence at Diamond Valley in February and the Mill Park Family Tree Group will also reconvene next month.

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