Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Books for family history

The following titles have been added to the collection and may be of interest to family history researchers:
Subterranean City Subterranean City by Antony Clayton
Including an update on underground development in the past ten years, this book includes old and new illustrations, offering a comprehensive account of the features beneath the city – railways, tunnels, security bases, cables, utility supplies, pneumatic tubes, crypts and wells.

Workhouse Workhouse by Simon Fowler
Notorious for harsh regimes and brutal masters, workhouses were created to relieve poverty in the United Kingdom but were universally loathed by the Victorian poor. This compelling account reveals the institution in all its contradictions, exploring the staff and buildings, rules and routines, how the “house changed over time, and all the dramatic experiences of the men, women and children who lived behind closed doors.

Female Occupations Female Occupations by Margaret Ward
This English guide is an A-Z arrangement covering over 100 years of occupations carried out by women from actress to wool spinner.

Hard to Go Bung Hard to Go Bung by Rosalind Smallwood

The First World War soldier settlement schemes placed settlers on unviable, over–capitalised holdings ultimately forcing a high percentage to walk off their blocks. When the second world war broke out the Victorian Returned Services League set about helping to frame a settlement scheme which would avoid the mistakes of the past. It is a record of an outstanding and successful scheme which reflects credit upon its administration and the ex-service settlers who made the most of the opportunities presented them.

Remember Them Remember Them by Katrina Hedditch

Tracing your Irish Ancestors Tracing your Irish Ancestors by John Grenham
This new 4thedition embraces online research as an essential part of any Irish family history project.

British and Commonwealth War Cemeteries British and Commonwealth War Cemeteries by Julie Summers
In 1917 an organisation was formed known as the Imperial War Graves Commission, now known as the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, the organisation commemorates all lives of the Commonwealth lost in war. This book is beautifully illustrated with old and contemporary photographs.

Tracing your Scottish Ancestors Tracing your Scottish Ancestors by Tristram Clarke (6th edition)
With 5 million people in Scotland, and over 30 million of Scottish descent scattered throughout the world, it is not surprising that research into Scottish family history is so popular.

Tracing your Ancestors Tracing your Ancestors by Simon Fowler
An accessible well organised easy to use beginners’ guide to the world of family history – although with a UK bias

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