Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Family History Month

August is the perfect time to start searching your family tree, or give your genealogy research a boost at special events, being held throughout the region.
There are many ways to celebrate your own family history - here are a few suggestions!
* Share a story with your children about your childhood. If you don't have
Children - share a story with your spouse or parents.
* Encourage your children to write in a journal and show by example.
* Start writing your personal history.
* Record one of your relatives talking about his or her life.
* Start a family heritage photo album or add a new page to your scrapbook and show if off.
* Sort through and label your photos.
* Ask one of your relatives for a family recipe. Make it and share it with
your family.
* Start a family website.
* Perform some searches for your ancestors online or using one of the many genealogy e-resources available at the library (in library use only)
* Plan a family trip.
* Attend a family reunion.
* Write a letter to one of your relatives. If you are searching for some
information on your family, ask for it. If you have done the research, share
* Watch a home video of your family. If you don't have one, make one.
* Convert some old VHS or 8 mm to DVD. Make copies and share them with your family.
* Start or add to your family tree.
* Make a family calendar for Christmas that includes photos of your family
and important dates.
* Visit a cemetery where one of your relatives is buried. Take pictures of
the cemetery.
* Trace your family medical history.
* Make copies of important family documents. Put the copies in a safe place, and share them with other family.
* Start a blog and document and share stories from your family history and your research journey.
*Attend family history events at a library near you!
* Tell a friend that it is family history month at YPRL … and send them these tips!

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