Tuesday, June 12, 2012

E for Europe

This week’s Family History through the Alphabet blogging challenge brings us to E. E is for Europe.
With family history research reaching to every corner of the globe, and with the Olympics just around the corner with its international mindset, what resources are there available for researching your ancestry in Europe? Make sure you research as much as you can from the Australian perspective first – remember you are working backwards from yourself.
A search within Yarra Plenty’s collection reveals we have some guides which focus on Germany, Scandanavia, East Europe and Italy but be sure to do a thorough search for your country of interest.
A first port of call might be a map.
Search country of interest as a keyword on Ancestry and see what kind of collections may be held. Remember that they will probably be the country's native language.
Family Search have a collection of records for Continental Europe
Search your country of interest at Cyndislist for links to explore.
Other websites of interest also can be found at
Family Tree Magazine list of 101 best websites for Continental Europe
For Post World War 2 in particular these sites may be of interest: -

Displaced Persons Camps

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild – World War 2 Refugees to Australia

and finally check out the East European Family History Societies

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