Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Book Review - Keeping Chronicles

Book review:

Keeping Chronicles: Preserving history through written memorabilia by Rosemary Sassoon (London A&C Black, 2010) ISBN 978 1408 129005

The author is on a mission to encourage the preservation of written memorabilia – some would call ephemera. Records found around the home can be a treasure trove to those first starting their family history research journey so be sure that you have digged deep and ask relatives what memorabilia they may have in their cupboards.
Curiously scattered with many Australian examples from this UK publication it illustrates and describes the following categories: diaries, letters, postcards and even envelopes, memoirs, travel records, business and legal records, day books, commonplace books and albums, professional or personal scrapbooks, schoolbooks, reports etc., cookery books and household lists. It concludes with professional advice regarding the importance of preservation with tips from archivists and museum professionals. It also includes an article on how to decipher handwriting and references to the following websites for further advice
Northeast Document Conservation Centre (USA)
ICON – The Institute of Conservation (GB) -
Preservation Advisory Centre (National Preservation Office) GB

Copies of this title are held at Yarra Plenty Regional Library

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