Monday, July 04, 2011

Looking for photos to illustrate your family history?

Consider the following:

*Family Members


*Local History group where the family lived - see Royal Historical Society of Victoria

*Local History collection at Local Library where your family lived - see Australians Libraries Gateway
(Remember there may also have been photographs published in books)

Melbourne's biggest family album – Museum Victoria

*Google images

*Other Image search engines


*Dead Fred

*Photo Rescue

*Advertise online and in magazines such as "Australian Family Tree Connections" and Local family history groups.

With an absence of photographs of your ancestor you should try and get a photo of their final resting place, the place they lived, or perhaps a street sign, original images of records such as birth certificates and census records can also be useful to illustrate your ancestor’s story.

There are volunteers online who may also be able to assist you.
Genealogy Photo Services (UK)

Random Acts of Kindness Genealogy

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