Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Australian Generations Oral History Project

AUSTRALIAN GENERATIONS ORAL HISTORY PROJECT is currently seeking participants across Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

In a new national project, historians at Monash (Professor Al Thomson, Associate Professor Christina Twomey and Dr Seamus O'Hanlon) and La Trobe Universities, in partnership with ABC Radio National and the National Library of Australia, are collecting life story interviews with generations of Australians born from the 1920s to the 1980s.

The project is interested in the life stories of all Australians – rural and urban, male and female, the recently arrived and people whose families have lived in Australia for generations.

People can register their interest in participating by going to www.arts.monash.edu.au/australian-generations and clicking on the orange headphones.

To take part in the Australian Generations Oral History Project go here: http://www.arts.monash.edu.au/australian-generations/get-involved/

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