Tuesday, August 31, 2010

AFTC - August

Australian Family Tree Connections is available for loan at a number of our libraries.

The August issue features the following articles:

* Call from Dunedin Family History group for goldmining stories on the Otago, Southland and West Coast of the Sth Island from 1861 to the present day.

*The Bush Brotheres of Jerrawa Creek (NSW)
by Diana MacQuillan
Jeremiah, a convict and his brother Arthur. Names: Blackling, Flood, McLeay, Pumfrey, Howard, Wyndham, Faithful
Ships: Aurora, Canton
A Bush family reunion is set for October 2010

*Edoardo Verri and Clara Pasquareli - Italian ancestors of author Julie Watt. Edoardo arrived in Sydney 1913. Clara came with her family in 1909. They married in Ingham, Qld.
Ship: Orsona

*Bridget McCue & Bridget Mena Crawford
by Rose Smith
Ship: Alhambra, Albert
Names: Kofoed/Crawford, Morrison, Waterson, Martin, Rushworth, Homan

*Mr Smith's recipe book by Garry Preston
A new book of cookeries by John Murrell probably belonged to Phoebe (Diggins) Smith of Ballarat who married Samuel Smith in 1859.

*Four generations of motheres by Cecilia Dyball
Names: Byrne, Jocob, Jago

*Muller Family of Baden, Germany by Celene Muller
Names: Muller, Morano, Strange, Williams, Schnedider
Ships: Somertsetshire, Great Britain

*Carl Meyer by Patricia Woodcock

*Michael & Bridget (Lahiff) Neyland by Martin Byrne

*M Lewer's recipe book by Faye Kenwick

*Joseph Charles and Isabella (Townsend) Hall by Mike Duggan

*George Geoffrey Frith by Margaret Wright

* Donald Cameroan c1777-1867

*Find your ancestors in Church Publications Part 9 by Shauna Hicks

*Computers and genealogy - put Picassa to the test by Philip Marston

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