Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finding living people

I recently received an email from a lady looking for an old school friend she wants to invite to an upcoming school reunion. The surname – KENNEDY matched one of the family lines I am researching. I did not have the individual in my database but suggested she might like to follow up on one of the following lines of enquiry. She had already tried the White Pages.

1. Google search her (and other search engines)Use different variations on her name including/excluding middle name etc.
2. Facebook search her –
3. Advertise reunion through local school /public library and press and local websites
4. Search electoral rolls available at State Library
5. Employ a professional “people finder” eg. People Search Australia
6. Register/Search on Schoolfriends websites Australian Lost Schoolfriends and Aussie Schoolmates Schoolmates Australia (register the reunion here too)
7. If you knew her parents names you could search genealogy websites. People with living relatives in their family tree generally as a rule do not post their details.
8. Is she still living? Search for her death in death notices at Ryerson index this is Australia wide and covers more recent years.

Are there any other ways to find living relatives and lost friends?

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lifeasdaddy said...

If you have the person's old telephone number from school days, then ring it. Maybe her parents are still at the same address/phone number. Of course you have to add in the relevant prefix numbers to modernise the old telephone number to change from old 6 or 7 digit number to modern 8 digit number.

If that doesn't work and you are really keen then go and doorknock on old address and neighbours on either side of that address and see if you can get a lead to where Mum and Dad have moved to, or where the old school friend may be.