Monday, November 16, 2009

Over 10,000 Visitors

Yarra Plenty Genealogy has had over 10,000 visitors since it was quietly launched on the YPRL home page in late 2006, soon after its sister blog Yarra Plenty Library Local History

It was recently recommended as a resource to the Central Victoria Rootsweb mailing list, so it certainly reaches far more that the devoted family history researchers we know here at YPRL.

I would love to hear from regular readers of this newsletter. Where are you from? How is your research going? What are your brick walls and have you had any recent sucesses in your research?


Thomas MacEntee said...

It would help if you add the Followers gadget to the sidebar - this way your readers could recommend the blog to others as well as post a link on Facebook and Twitter.

anzac said...

Thankyou for a fabulous genealogy site. I have found it to be a fantastic resource and have recommended it to friends who are just starting out on their family search.
I have come up against a brickwall in that I cannot locate any records indicating when my great grandfather came to Australia or under which name. (He lived under two names throughout his life). Also I can find no records for the people he names as his parents on his marriage certificate. Will keep looking! Thanks again for the constant updates of new resources.

Linda said...

Hi Liz,

I am here, just reading away quietly, and celebrating your excellent blog. Strength to your typing fingers.