Thursday, May 07, 2009

Family History Database

Before you get too drowned in certificates, photocopies and paperwork from your family history research it really is a good idea to install a program on your personal computer into which you can type all your important names, dates and more. These are variously referred to as your family history database, program or software package.

There are a number of free ones which you can download online which can get you started.
Free online training is also available on their website.
My Heritage
Personal Ancestral File

Other programs worth exploring are linked from
Cyndislist - free software & computers
and Free genealogy software

Australian Family Tree Connections - programs

You can also search for reviews on various programs, and be aware that updates for some programs are available at a fee.

There are usually online support groups that will assist you if you are having trouble with your program.
I have also referred in a previous posting to websites that will also store and display your information.

Do you use a database? Which one would you recommend and why?

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