Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Anzac Research on Ancestry

With Anzac day this week, it is a timely reminder to remember the Anzacs in your family history who may have served. A number of online resources make this task easy for researchers. Ancestry also has a number of resources including:
The Anzac Memorial, 1914-1918 - a book compiled to commemorate those who served in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) and died in World War I. The contents of this book are varied. Much of the book is comprised of a Roll of Honour, listing nearly 20,000 Australians who died in the war. In addition to these soldiers’ names, their number, rank, unit, cause of death, and date of death are also listed.

A newly released database: The British Commonwealth War Graves Registers, 1914-1918 is one of nine collections being made available free on Ancestry.com.au until midnight (AEST) on 30th April, to commemorate ANZAC Day 2009.

The British Commonwealth War Graves Registers, 1914-1918 comprises some of the 2,000+ cemeteries found in 150 countries that were constructed by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in 1917 to honor the men and women who fought for the British Commonwealth. The collection includes references to approximately 2,000 Australian personnel.

300,000 Australians enlisted to fight in World War One; 60,000 were killed and over half wounded, gassed or taken prisoner.
Ancestry Library edition can be accessed freely at any computer at every branch at Yarra Plenty Regional Library. Follow the databases link from the home page.

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