Monday, February 23, 2009

Victorian Historical Indexes

Family History Fest re-launches this week at Diamond Valley Library. An introductory session on searching the birth, death and marriage indexes in Victoria will take place this Wednesday at 1.30 pm.

Some useful websites to help you in this area include the following:

Describes Diggers features, Includes “Introduction to Digger” , a guided tour (downloadable)and tips.
Wiktionary Abbreviations for English given names
International Genealogical Index Another source to search BDMs
AFHC - Registries of Birth, Death, Marriage Australia
Spare BDM records for NE Victoria
Victorian Towns and Localities
list of all the current towns and localities in the state of Victoria, Australia, but also includes those that now no longer exist or those that had a previous existence under a different name. Useful to use against the abbreviations on the place names in the Digger indexes
Victorian Place Names Abbreviations from Digger indexes
Victorian Place name abbreviaitons
Index to Wills, Probate and Administration Records 1841-1925 You can now search for Wills, Probate and Administration records by name up to 1925. Links to digitised copies of these records where they exist.
What you can expect to see on a AUS BDM certificate

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