Tuesday, February 03, 2009

New Australian database on Ancestry

New South Wales, Certificates of Naturalization, 1849-1903
This database contains certificates of nautralization from 1849-1903 for New South Wales, as well as some registers of individuals who were issued certificates of naturalization between 1859 and 1876.
This database contains the following records for New South Wales:
Certificates of naturalization, 1849-1903
Lists of aliens to whom certificates of naturalization have been issued, 1859-1876
About Naturalizations:
The naturalization process is the process an individual undergoes to gain citizenship of a country. Certificates of Naturalization are the official records showing that a person has been granted citizenship. These records generally provide details about the individual and their immigration. Such information may include:
Country or place of origin
Ship of arrival
Arrival date
Place of residence
Similar information may be found in the lists of aliens to whom certificates of naturalization were issued.
Ancestry can be accessed on any computer at all branch libraries.

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