Monday, February 18, 2008

Latvian and Estonian records

Those who are interested in on-line access to records may wish to have a look at what the Latvians and Estonians have achieved in 17 years since extracting themselves from the Soviet Union.

The Estonian Historical Archives has made available on-line for free its church and other records in its SAAGA. A second version 2.0 is being trialled (go to the Estonian language page). You have to register (for free) and then away you go. You can also search 5.2 million of the 8 million records the National Archives holds on AIS (Archival Information System). More are bieng added all the time.
Also have a look at the Latvian State Historical Archives - Digital Archive:Raduraksti (Genealogy). Again you have to register for free and can then search the Lutheran church records. More records (Orthodox, Catholic, Revision Lists and census records) will be added over the next few years

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