Monday, January 08, 2007

Scottish Descendants' and Pioneers' Day at Gulf Station

Saturday, 24 March 2007, 10am to 4pm

Gulf Station
1029 Melba Highway
Yarra Glen, 3775 (Melways 267 C11)
Tel: 9730 1286

Do you have Scottish ancestry?
Does your family have links with the Yarra Valley?
Was an ancestor a passenger on the David Clark in 1839*?
Gulf Station's Bell family were Scottish (William Bell arrived on the David Clark) and their daughter Mary was a PLC class-mate of Nellie Mitchell (later Melba). As part of the Yarra Valley's Melba Festival, Gulf Station highlights its Scottish and pioneer heritage with Scottish Descendants' and Pioneers' Day, a special day featuring:
* Genealogical experts from the Scottish Ancestry Group (a service group of the Genealogical Society of Victoria)
* The Yarra Glen Historical Society will exhibit resource materials.
* Demonstrations of pioneer farming and domestic skills
* Musical entertainment: bush and folk, and Scottish (including the Police Pipe Band)
Bring your family tree, family history or local history material: compare notes, try to fill any gaps, make new contacts. Perhaps organise a family reunion with a picnic?
Gulf Station, the historic farm managed by the National Trust, includes the farm house and slab construction farm buildings, together with the breeds farmed by the Bells: Clydesdale horses, Ayrshire cattle, Border Leicester sheep, Berkshire pigs and poultry. All in a picturesque setting.
Normal entry fees apply: Adult $8; Concession $6; Child $5; group discount 10%.
* The barque David Clark sailed from Grennock on 15 June 1839 carrying 230 Scots. Family names on the passenger list include:
Aitkin, Armstrong, Arthur, Barr, Beith, Bell, Borland, Campbell, Cook, Dewar, Dick, Douglas, Duncan, Farquharson, Finlay, Foreman, Grierson, Halliday, Hawkins, Johnston, Joyce, Kennedy, Laurie, Matheson, Maver, McArthur, McDonald, McEwen, McFadden, McFarlane, McIntosh, McIntyre, McKay, McKenzie, McKinley, McLachlan, McLaren, McLean, McMaster, McMillan, McNab, Menzies, Middlemiss, Munsie, Peacock, Renald, Robertson, Rogerson, Shields, Smith, Stewart, Templeton, Thomson, Tucker, Walker, Welsh.

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