Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New Brunswick (Canada) Newspapers

The Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, Canada, has a
useful "vital statistics" index to about 300,000 items from 1784-1896 -
about 640,000 unique names. The items are mainly notices of births,
marriages, deaths, but also include shipwrecks and many other events, all
containing names that would further the search for an ancestor. Largely the work of the late Daniel F Johnson, it's drawn from 75 newspapers across New Brunswick. The index can be searched by name or by the full text of the newspaper item, at http://archives.gnb.ca/Archives/

The language of each index entry is the original used in
the newspaper entry, and as transcribed by Johnson. His transcriptions
used a certain amount of abbreviation and search criteria need to take
that into account. Many of the items refer to events beyond New Brunswick,
with a good number mentioning Australian places. A Search for Australia, NSW, some other colony, or a particular placename will reveal a range of entries likely to be of interest to Australian researchers, often providing information well
beyond what is available in BDM indexes, inquest indexes etc.

SAG-E newsletter October 2006

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