Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mapping Our Anzacs – Wartime Australia

For some time the Mapping Our Anzacs project  out of the National Archives of Australia  has served as a portal to find a WW1 service person and see their service record, add a note or photograph to the scrapbook, build a tribute to people important to you.  You can browse maps of Australia, the United Kingdom and the world, exploring more than 15,000 places where service people were born or enlisted.  Once you have found a location, you simply follow a link to see details of all the people associated with it.  Further links take you directly to digitised copies of their service records. It was a new way of navigating the National Archives’ World War 1 Service records – not by name, but by place. 
But now the National Archives are working on a new project Wartime Australians, this site will replace the current Mapping Our Anzacs.  According to MAO it wil continue to provide easy access to World War 1 records.
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As we approach the Anzac Centenary, resources such as this will help people learn about their relatives war time experiences.  We look forward to learning more about Wartime Australians

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